Maintaining Your Natural Privacy Fence

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July 18, 2022
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August 30, 2022

Natural privacy fences are a thing of beauty, but require a lot of care.

Traditional natural privacy fences are commonly constructed of shrubs, trees, and flowering bushes. These large plants not only are attractive to the eye but can be utilized to define the property line between you and your neighbors as well.

Just like a skincare routine, your maintenance strategy for your natural privacy fence is key to its strength, growth, and longevity. Pruning is an excellent method for maintaining your trees, shrubs, and flowering plants. Regular maintenance will promote overall health and protect your family and property from injury or damage.

The goal of pruning is to remove unwanted branches, improve the plants’ structure, stimulate growth, and reduce any obstruction to your home, power lines, or other items that may get disturbed by overgrowth and elongated or fallen branches.

Promotes Overall Plant Health

Trimming off dying or diseased branches will stimulate new growth and stop an infection from spreading throughout the entire plant. Think of it as a fresh, new haircut for your plants, like removing split ends.

While large plants are appealing to the eye, essential nutrients from the roots and soil struggle to reach every branch, vine, or flower. Proper nutrient absorption can be achieved by cutting off a portion of the branches and overgrowth. Congruently, this allows for better exposure to sunlight and increases photosynthesis.

Another issue arising with overgrowth on your natural privacy fencing is it may block sprinkler heads from adequately watering your grass and landscaping – leading to flooding or underwatering.

Many natural privacy fences are created using Evergreens and Conifers.  It is important to start thinking about their care as the temperatures cool down. Evergreens and Conifers are especially at risk during the winter as water evaporates quickly from their foliage. These colder weather conditions remove water from the plants faster than the roots can absorb it. A great line of protection for your trees and shrubs is an anti-desiccant spray. Anti-desiccants create a film when applied to the trees and shrubs that help them retain their moisture for months. Anti-desiccants are also biodegradable so it’s safe for the environment too. Give those greens some love this coming winter.

Protects Your Family and Property

Neglecting to trim your trees can lead to fallen branches, resulting in potential risk and damage to yourself, your family, and your property.

Additionally, do-it-yourself pruning can be dangerous for yourself and the life of your trees. Pruning requires climbing into and around trees to remove limbs. For your safety, we recommend seeking professional help when pruning your trees. Furthermore, improper pruning can harm the life of your natural privacy fence.

Save yourself the time and the risk and leave it to our outdoor specialists. By collaborating with our team, you gain insight into great recommendations and more information on how to keep your natural privacy fence thriving for generations to come. Call today to schedule your free consultation.


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