The TLC that Your Yard is Looking For

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Landscape Maintenance

It can go without saying, but we all aspire to have the best-looking yard on the block. But, it starts with the small things. And with SunCo’s Landscape Maintenance programs, those small things can be taken care of without lifting a finger. Think of it as a car wash — it may not give you a new car, but it will make the one you have look fresh, clean, and in tiptop shape.


Our landscape maintenance programs include the TLC that your landscape is looking for. Our outdoor specialists will clean up all the debris, sticks, twigs, leaves, and dead plants in your landscape, trim back perennials to stimulate new growth, and bring a facelift to your landscape.

Further the facelift with our other landscape cleanup services: mulching, bed edging, and container plants.


Replacing mulch may seem like a simple task, but proper mulching can have a huge impact on the look and overall health of your landscape.

Mulch needs to be laid to a proper depth in order to insulate the soil in order to provide a buffer from both the heat and the cold. Mulching also adds a contrasting appearance to your plants, yard, and home exterior.

Bed Edging

Bed edging is a critical part of spring cleaning for your landscape, and the benefits can last all through the summer. Think of it as a much-needed haircut for your planting beds.

Our landscape experts use specialized tools to create precise lines separating your planting beds from the rest of your yard. This helps your planting beds stand out and keeps grass from encroaching on them. Trees can also benefit from natural edging. To keep your landscape looking bold and fresh, we recommend scheduling this service once a year.


Flower and plant containers instantly soften hard areas outside, adding beautiful colors and seasonal aromas to the air. But, they are also a lot of work to make and maintain – all season long. There’s planning, materials, and your time. For most of us, we just don’t have the time or lose interest because of life’s distractions. Let the outdoor experts at SunCo help you develop a container plan that’s right for your outdoor space and fits your budget.

Sprinkler Maintenance

You opted for ease of mind and installed an automatic sprinkler system? Watering your lawn can be crossed off your to-do list while hardly lifting a finger — but don’t forget that your sprinkler system itself needs to be tended to. SunCo has maintenance programs to keep your sprinkler system happy all season long.

Our trained professionals are one call away and will ensure that your sprinkler system is in tiptop shape for the coming seasons. Our Sprinkler Maintenance Package includes three visits: spring activation, mid-summer adjustments, and sprinkler winterization.

In the coming spring, your sprinkler system will be cleaned out, quality-checked, and turned back on to ensure proper functionality and optimized for the best watering schedule for your lawn.

Midway through the summer months, our sprinkler experts will stop by to inspect your sprinkler system. We will be checking for any damage, flood areas, and overall performance. After assessing your system, adjustments may need to be made to your sprinkler heads and system settings. Run times and zones may need to be altered to account for current rainfall and weather conditions.

Lastly, as the weather cools down, your sprinkler system is no longer needed. Our team will do one last pit-stop to prep your system for the winter months. This includes turning off the valves, clearing and draining out the pipes, and ultimately shutting your system down until springtime. Leave it all to the pros and have your sprinkler system flowing smoothly.

Schedule a consultation today to find the best maintenance program that best fits your needs and schedule.


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