Save Water and Money with SunCo’s Rain Sensors

commercial landscape mantenance
Tailored Commercial Landscape Maintenance Plans
June 1, 2024
commercial landscape mantenance
Tailored Commercial Landscape Maintenance Plans
June 1, 2024

Save Water and Money with SunCo’s Rain Sensors

In today’s world, conserving water is not just an environmental responsibility but also a practical way to save money. As water becomes an increasingly precious resource, finding ways to use it more efficiently is essential. One effective solution is installing a rain sensor in your irrigation system. At SunCo, we offer wireless rain sensors that can significantly enhance your water conservation efforts with minimal investment.


Why Install a Rain Sensor?

Rain sensors are small devices mounted on your gutter that gather crucial data on temperature, solar input, and rainfall. This information is then processed and used to automatically adjust your irrigation system’s controller for optimal water usage. Here are some key benefits of installing a rain sensor:


    1. Efficient Water Use: Automatically adjusts watering schedules based on real-time weather conditions, eliminating unnecessary watering during or after rainfall.
    2. Cost Savings: Reduces water bills by preventing overwatering and ensuring your landscape receives the right amount of water.
    3. Easy Installation: Simple to install and compatible with various irrigation systems.
    4. Environmental Impact: Helps conserve water, promoting more sustainable gardening practices.


Special Offer for M.U.D. Customers

SunCo is thrilled to offer an exclusive deal for customers who receive services from the Metropolitan Utilities District (M.U.D.). If you install a rain sensor through SunCo, you may qualify for a $75 rebate on a future M.U.D. invoice! This makes it even more affordable to take control of your water usage and contribute to water conservation efforts.


How to Claim Your Rebate

To take advantage of this fantastic offer, follow these simple steps:

    1. Install a Rain Sensor with SunCo: Schedule your installation through SunCo and have your rain sensor professionally installed.
    2. Download the M.U.D. Rebate Form: Visit the M.U.D. website to download the rebate form.
    3. Submit Your Documentation: Complete the rebate form and send it directly to M.U.D. along with a copy of your rain sensor installation invoice from SunCo. Your invoice can be easily accessed through your customer portal on our website.


By taking these steps, you’ll not only improve your irrigation efficiency but also enjoy significant savings on your water bill.


Investing in a rain sensor is a smart move for any homeowner looking to save water and reduce their utility costs. With the added benefit of a $75 rebate for M.U.D. customers, now is the perfect time to upgrade your irrigation system. Contact SunCo today to learn more about our wireless rain sensors and start your journey towards smarter water use.


For more information or to schedule an installation, visit our website or reach out to our customer service team. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment while keeping your garden lush and green.


Ready to save water and money? Explore SunCo’s rain sensors today and take advantage of our special M.U.D. rebate offer!


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