The Importance of Fall Aeration and Overseeding

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The Importance of Fall Aeration and Overseeding

If you’re like many homeowners, you think a lot more about your outdoors spaces during the spring and summer months than you do in the fall and winter. While that is understandable, there are a few essential tasks that homeowners must prioritize in the fall in order to get the most out of their lawn in the spring and summer.

Of course, we are talking about aeration and overseeding. In this blog, we’ll talk about the importance of these two tasks, why they go hand in hand, and when you should aim to have these done. Read on to learn more about keeping your lawn healthy all year long.


From bouts of extreme heat and drought to long afternoons of kids and animals running and playing, your lawn goes through a lot in the spring and summer months. The soil gets compacted and some of your grass’ roots inevitably become torn. Aeration and overseeding are rejuvenating treatments that help your lawn bounce back from months of these activities and grow back even stronger come springtime.


Aeration is a process that punches little holes all over your yard. While it may look funny, it decompacts the soil and makes it easier for air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots quicker. It also strengthens your lawn against weeds, insects, and disease. Overseeding is exactly what it sounds like. We lay new grass seed over your existing lawn in order to promote new growth and replace the grass that has been damaged or died throughout the year.


While you may understand both of these processes, you may be wondering how they go hand in hand. While both processes can have benefits on their own, they are better together. The holes created by aerating enables the overseed to penetrate deeper into the soil and grow healthier and deeper roots. We recommend scheduling these services together every year.


The best time for fall aeration and overseeding is between mid-August and mid-September. We want to make sure that there is enough time for the seed to take hold before the first freeze. Ideally, we will be able to mow 2-3 times before the first freeze arrives.

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