The Benefits of Plant Containers

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August 30, 2022
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Just as the inside of your home, the outside of your home deserves some pizazz and personality — And fresh, new plant containers are the answer for accenting your home’s architecture and landscaping.

Not only will beautiful floral and plant arrangements showcase your home’s personality, but these containers offer other benefits as well. 

Benefits of Containers:

Adds additional color

Complement your home’s exterior with bright colors from nature’s art forms – florals, plants, and greenery. Nature has provided us with foliage and blooms in every color imaginable. Contrast, blend, accent — you name it — containers will add the perfect splash of color that you are looking for. 

Fresh aromas

Guests will be greeted with fresh aromas exuding from your plant containers as they give a knock on your door, bringing a whole new meaning to a breath of fresh air. Although floral and herbaceous scents are more noticeable, plants also pose as a silent hero. Florals, plants, and foliage draw in more oxygen for us to breathe, as well as promote the health and survival of pollinating insects that are key to the plant itself.  

Adds style

Similar to a decorative pillow and lawn ornaments, your style can spill over into your containers. Add to a tropical theme with tropical plants. Accent your farmhouse style with fresh mums or daisies. Blend greenery with flowers in your favorite color. The possibilities are endless when spicing up your entryway and landscaping. 

Able to change per season 

The change in seasons allows for a new color palette and a new batch of foliage. Spring and summer bring bright and bold colors as more plants are native to warmer temperatures and can survive the high temps and sunshine. While colder temperatures often cultivate plants with a deeper-toned color palette. 

Summer examples 

Fall examples

Flower and plant containers instantly soften hard areas outside, adding beautiful colors and seasonal aromas to the air. But they are also a lot of work to make and maintain — all season long. There’s planning, materials, and your time. For most of us, we just don’t have the time or lose interest because of life’s distractions. Let the outdoor experts at SunCo help you develop a container plan that’s right for your outdoor space and fits your budget.

Have containers already?

No problem. We’ll work with you to select the right plants and flowers for your containers. We can leave you with the design or plant them for you.

We can do a little or a lot.

From design to planting, to maintaining — We can also do seasonal replacement of plants or even one-time projects like before a graduation or outdoor party.

Automatic watering systems.

Do you get sick and tired of trying to keep up with watering your containers or need help when you go out of town? We have watering systems that can be installed on your existing sprinklers that can solve this problem for you.

Schedule a consultation with our outdoor specialists today — 402.972.8603!

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