When is the Best Time to Start Your Garden?

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When is the Best Time to Start Your Garden?

When is the Best Time to Start Your Garden?

Read, set, GROW! Whether you’re looking to plant flowers or begin a vegetable garden, anyone can take advantage of getting their hands dirty a little. Keep reading for tips on when the best time to start your garden is.


Planting hosta in your garden can’t get any simpler. You can successfully plant hosta at any time the ground can be worked, but the best time is spring. Before putting the bulb into the ground, bed preparation is key. The soil should be moist and firm. The best time to plant hosta is in the spring. This plant should be given plenty of space for growth over the seasons and a light cover of mulch should keep the soil cool enough for the plant.


If you are looking for a grass that offers blue-green foliage in the summer, then this is your go-to grass. The best time to plant switchgrass is in the winter right before spring. Many gardeners have luck drilling it in the winter, before green-up. The seed can be temperamental and might not grow if done incorrectly. Although this plant will come back every year, we recommend you replant every 3-4 years.


The lively yellow that the goldenrod can bring to your garden is remarkable. This flower is tall and resembles fireworks of patterned blooms. Once the last frost of winter has come, you can plant this flower within your garden by directly sowing the seed. This easy flower can become large, so make sure it is well-drained and partially in shade.


This plant can handle drought and resist deer, all while adding a vibrant purple to your garden. You can easily divide this plant and can count on it coming back year after year. Although this flower can be grown from its seed, we recommend purchasing catmint from a local nursery and then transitioning it to your garden for the best results. Catmint should be well-drained and be in full sun.


For beginners in the garden or just because you want an easy plant to maintain, sedum is the one for you. This seed is not phased by heat, drought, or humidity. Sedum brings fresh foliage to your garden and offers long-lasting blooms all summer and fall. This seed is usually brought in plugs or pots and transplanted into the garden. The best time to get these plants into the ground is after the last frost but before the heat of summer. Sedum does best in average to rich soil.

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