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March 29, 2017
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February 14, 2018

Sprinkler Systems can make your life much easier.  Here’s some information you need to know about how a sprinkler system is installed.

There are a few different things we consider when installing a system.  We check the layout of the yard, making sure that it is your grass that is getting watered and not your home or walkways!  We work around trees, trying to keep clear of tree roots that can cause issues in the future.  Depending on the size of the yard and what kind of area is being covered, the technician will choose a spray head, which is smaller and sprays in a fountain type shape, or a rotor, which sprays in more of a moving stream that can be adjusted to rotate in a partial or full circle.

Poly lines are laid and heads are attached to cover areas in sections known as zones.  The controller is set to run times to water each zone, telling the solenoids when to open and close, running each zone separately so that all areas of the yard are being covered properly.

There are extra things your sprinkler system can be designed to do – we can add a rain sensor, drip emitters for watering flower pots and even extra valves or drip lines for watering landscaping.

We want to help simplify your life when it comes to watering!  We can install and then maintain your sprinkler system each year so you can simply sit back and enjoy your outdoor space! Contact us for a free sprinkler estimate. Save time this summer and automate your watering.

“I’ve been putting off a sprinkler system for years. I finally had SunCo install it and couldn’t be happier. They were outstanding in the details and installation. Thanks!” John. H.


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