Organic Hybrid Program

Good for the environment, Good for those you love.

Less chemicals, green grass and no weeds. Guaranteed.

We understand the wants of having a great looking lawn. But we have also heard from our customer base about how they’d like a more earth-friendly solution for treating their lawn. The full 100% organic solutions leave the lawn lacking color. Isn’t there a way to get the best of both worlds? YES. Welcome to SunCo’s Organic-Hybrid program.

We thought the best way to explain this program was to let Brian, our lead lawn care manager, respond to some of the questions we’ve received from customers. Take it away, Brian.

Organic-Hybrid Q&A

with Brian, Division Manager, Lawn Care

Q: What is Hybrid?

Brian: I get asked this question a lot. It’s such a new concept in lawn care, not many people know about it. We are very excited about the Organic-Hybrid program. It’s designed to replace manufactured nitrogen with organic-bio nutrients. Up to 75% of the chemicals used in this program are replaced by organic, natural nutrients. Hybrid comes from retaining the pre-emergent targeting crabgrass, traditional weed controls to combat broadleaf weeds and insecticide as part of the program.

Q: Is this program more expensive than traditional fertilizer programs?

Brian: The Organic-Hybrid program costs the same as traditional programs.

Q: What can I expect for results?

Brian: An awesome, healthy, green lawn that is safer for the environment and the ones you love. Granted, full 100% organic programs have had their issues, lack of green color or curb appeal. Organic-Hybrid is a great way to achieve a great looking lawn AND eco-friendly. At 75% organic, it’s a big hit with the environment.

Q: Why would I want to do this Organic-Hybrid program?

Brian: If you have kids or pets, this is a great way to reduce the amount of chemicals in your lawn. For the environment, it’s hands down more eco-friendly due to the bio-nutrients used. Organic-Hybrid is the best way to give you the green lawn you want with a less harmful impact on the environment. We feel so strong about this program, we guarantee it.

Our 6-Step Organic-Hybrid Program

Let SunCo create a beautiful, green, healthy lawn with strong roots and thick turf using less fertilizer and pesticides.

This first visit will help wake up your lawn from the long winter. A careful evaluation of your lawn will reveal any prior season problems that may need to be addressed. We’ll also apply bio-nutrient products to promote early spring green-up, target weeds, and prevent crabgrass.

This application will continue to target weeds and also promote a greener color and robust root system. Our Organic-Hybrid lawn care program provide beautiful results with fewer nitrates and pesticides than traditional programs.

Our third application will continue to strengthen your lawn while managing those persistent weeds. The bio-nutrient supplements will also help your lawn continue to thrive in the summer heat while improving the cell structure of the grass. We also recommend a grub preventative treatment during this visit to keep white grubs from potentially destroying your lawn. (Supplemental services are available for additional fees.)

During this mid-year visit, we will evaluate your lawn’s health and address any needs it might have. Whether your lawn could use more fertilizer, targeted weed treatment, or additional post-emergent control to manage problem grasses, we have it covered.

As we move into fall, our fifth application will help your lawn recover from the stress of summer and target any pesky weeds that may have popped up. We recommend core aeration and overseeding during this visit to reduce soil compaction and introduce a variety of different and quality grasses to your lawn. (Supplemental services are available for additional fees.)

During this final visit and before your lawn goes into winter dormancy, we’ll apply a final fertilizer to feed the root system and help your lawn adequately withstand the long and potentially harsh winter. This application also promotes earlier green-up next spring.

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