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sprinklers, lawn care, fertilization, bug spray, landscaping, omaha
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sprinklers, lawn care, fertilization, bug spray, landscaping, omaha
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Maintaining a lush, beautiful lawn and garden can quickly add up. However, you don’t need to let it break the bank. Keep reading for some useful money-saving lawn and garden tips!

Make Your Own Compost

Using compost can reduce the need to fertilize your lawn and garden. Save on compost over the year by creating your own with organic waste! You can use grass clippings and food waste, but keep in mind that not everything should be in the compost bin (i.e. meat, dairy, fish, etc.). Compost can help the soil retain moisture and give your plants beneficial nutrients.

Recycle What You Have

Cut up old pop bottles, milk cartons, and more to grow seedlings. Or even better, choose compostable options like toilet paper rolls or eggshells! These items can be planted right in the ground when your seedlings are ready.

Use Free Fertilizer

Use cooking water from steamed veggies or boiled eggs to water your plants. Once cooled, the leftover water can fertilize your plants. You can also place used coffee grounds or tea leaves to nourish plants. You can place them directly in the soil or add to water. This is especially helpful for acid-loving plants in your garden!

Propagate Plants

Whether you didn’t buy enough or if some died at a later time, propagating plants is a great way to multiply plants and save money!  Research the type of species you own to find the best technique (cutting, dividing, etc). Your plants should grow roots within a few weeks and be well-established by the next season.

Use Water Wisely

While you may be in the habit of watering your lawn every day, most yards only need one inch of water a week (that’s including rain!) Avoid overspending on your water bill by installing a rain gauge to measure rainwater through the week. Try watering your lawn before 10am so that your grass and plants have time to soak up the water before heat evaporates it! You can also water your lawn less often for a longer period of time.

Mow Correctly

When mowing your lawn, aim for a height no shorter than 2–3”. This allows grass to shade its roots and retain water (helping you to water less often!). Additionally, never cut more than a third of the grass blade at a time. This will help keep your lawn healthy and lower the need for fertilizer, watering, and possibly reseeding. Lastly, keeping your lawn mower’s blades sharp creates a clean cut—promoting healthy growth and eliminating the need for multiple passes over your lawn.

Lastly, take advantage of SunCo’s free consultation! Call us at 402.972.8603 or contact us through email. Using these money-saving tips can help you maintain a lawn and garden that inspires outdoor envy without breaking the bank!


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