Keep the Bugs Out With Perimeter Insect Treatments

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Keep the Bugs Out With Perimeter Insect Treatments

When winter hits Omaha, people know two things for certain. One, the roads are going to get bad. And two, the bugs are going to try to come inside. If you have seen more bugs in your home during the winter months than you care to remember, this can be the year that comes to a stop.

In this blog, we’ll discuss perimeter insect treatments and why now is the ideal time to have the service scheduled. So, if you want to keep the bugs out this winter, read on to learn more about the advantages of perimeter insect treatments.

It’s a proactive approach.

Most traditional pest control treatments take place inside the home and are intended to eliminate pests that have already taken up residence inside your house. If you already have an infestation, this type of treatment is a good idea. But if you want to take proactive steps to keep the bugs out before they actually get in, stopping them at the perimeter is the smart move.

It’s easy.

One of the biggest benefits of perimeter insect treatments is that they are extremely easy for homeowners. Because we apply the insecticide all around the perimeter of your house, our technicians never have to step indoors and you don’t even have to be home at the time of treatment. The hardest thing you will do is schedule the service itself! Plus, the fact that the service is provided by a company you already know and trust is icing on the cake.

It’s safe.

If you’re like most homeowners we know, your highest priority is the safety and comfort of your family. That’s exactly what we have in mind when we apply perimeter insect treatments. By not bringing any chemicals into the home, whether in spray or solid form, we make it a lot less likely that kids and pets come into contact with any chemicals that could be hazardous to their health. It also protects them from the bites of insects that could otherwise enter the home.

If you would like to schedule a perimeter insect treatment for your home, get in touch with the experts at SunCo today. We invite you to fill out a contact form or give us a call at 402.972.8603 to talk with one of our experts or schedule a perimeter insect treatment for your home today.

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