Understanding Smart, Effective Irrigation for Your Lawn

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Understanding Smart, Effective Irrigation for Your Lawn

Did you know? July is Smart Irrigation Month! That means that, when the weather is hottest, we aim to promote the social, economic and environmental benefits of efficient irrigation technologies. Because behind every lush, green lawn are irrigation and maintenance practices that enable that turf to thrive in all seasons, and survive the summer with ease.

But, when it comes to smart irrigation, there’s a lot more to it than just watering the lawn. In this blog, we’ll discuss what really goes into a smart irrigation system and why homeowners are wise to invest in a sprinkler system.

Smart spending

Many homeowners don’t fully understand what happens when they water their yard manually. Most don’t know exactly how much water their yard needs and end up overwatering. Beyond the time it takes to haul out and set up all the necessary equipment, most homeowners are spending way more than necessary to water their yard, and often watering too much.

Smart planning

Installing an automatic sprinkler system is all about planning for the future. This includes considering information such as the climate in our area as well as the specifics of your lawn. These specifics dictate how many irrigation zones you will have and even how you will plan to landscape in the future. This kind of planning shows why irrigation is a job best left to the professionals.

Smart installation

Much like planning, the installation process is a complex process that requires the touch of an expert. But, it’s not just the nuts and bolts of getting a sprinkler system into the ground that matters. Perhaps even more so, it’s about installing the right components for the task at hand. For example, have you ever seen a sprinkler system running on automatic while it’s raining? Installing rain sensors ensures that your system won’t turn on while the lawn is being watered naturally.

Smart usage

SunCo Sprinkler systemsInstalling a sprinkler system practically ensures that you are using the amount of water your lawn needs to thrive, no more and no less. In a time where water is becoming more and more of a precious resource, conservation truly is an important consideration for all of us. At the same time, there is an optimal amount of water for each lawn, depending on the weather conditions at the time.

Smart maintenance

Ultimately, sprinkler systems are money-savers and time-savers for homeowners. They are good for the lawn and good for the environment as a whole. But they need a little bit of annual attention to make sure they are running at their best. At SunCo, we offer a sprinkler maintenance program that is tailor-made for homeowners here in the midwest. In spring, we will come out and activate your sprinklers and make sure everything is ready to go. Then, we’ll stop by for a mid-summer check-up to make sure everything is still running optimally. Finally, we’ll come back before winter hits to winterize your system before the first freeze.

We hope this blog has got you thinking about irrigation and sprinkler systems in a slightly different way. Learn more about the sprinkler services we offer or get in touch with us today.

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