Winter Family Fun in Omaha

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Winter is here, but don’t let that keep you and your family cooped up indoors. Whether out on the town or in your own backyard, there are lots of great activities here in Omaha that can help you make this winter the most memorable yet!

We decided to make a list of some of our favorites to give you some ideas. Do you have a favorite winter outdoor activity? Let us know on social media! (Facebook, Twitter)

Sledding. Whether it’s plastic, metal, cardboard, or wax paper, grab your sleds and head to the nearest hill! There is perhaps no more iconic and fun outdoor winter activity than sledding. Of course, you’ll want to make sure that everyone is appropriately bundled. And… safety first! Make sure that young kiddos are wearing helmets and that no one sleds head first.

Ice skating. Though there are places that you can ice skate indoors year-round, there’s something special about ice skating outdoors. Over the years, we’ve seen more places in Omaha open up during the holiday period for outdoor ice skating. Some of the best that are open now include downtown in the Capitol District, at UNMC, on the roof at Midtown Crossing, and at Mahoney State Park.

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Build a snow fort. If you want to make a memory that will make your kids’ day and they will likely remember for years to come, take advantage of a heavy, sticky snow and help them build a snow fort. Make some hot chocolate and marshmallows to ward off the cold, and of course, don’t forget to bundle up. When the fort is done, make sure to take some photos to look at in years to come.

Build a snowman. If you’ve already built a snow fort or don’t quite have that much time, head out to the front yard and build a snowman. It’s something that’s a lot of fun for the kids and will bring a smile to the faces of your neighbors who walk or drive by.

Do you have a favorite outdoor winter activity in Omaha that we didn’t mention? We want to hear about it! Connect with SunCo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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