Custom Fire Pits: Ideas to Get Your Gears Turning

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Custom Fire Pits: Ideas to Get Your Gears Turning

Do you have big plans for your great outdoors this year? Winter is the best time to start planning for spring, summer, and beyond. One of the most inspiring and transformative things you can do for your home landscape is adding a custom fire feature or fire pit.

In this blog, we’ll talk about a few ideas to inspire your own ideas and get your gears turning for your spring projects. If you already know what you want and are ready to get an estimate, get in touch with our outdoor experts today.

In the backyard.

One of the biggest decisions you have to make when you install a custom fire feature is where you want to put it. Do you want it near the house or adjacent to the pool or do you want it further back in the yard? Perhaps the biggest reason why people choose to position the fire pit near the back of the yard and away from the house is that they want to have that campfire feel with their family anytime. By putting the fire pit closer to your trees and bushes than it is to the house, families are able to have a quick escape to nature for smores and a story or just spend some quality time together anytime they want.

On the patio.

sprinklers, lawn care, fertilization, bug spray, landscaping, omahaThe most popular destination for a custom fire feature is on the patio, directly behind the house. Visually, it makes a strong statement and adds a touch of comfort and luxury to your outdoor space. It also provides quick and easy access anytime, no shoes required. A fire feature on the patio is the ideal place to gather after dinner with your family and friends, whether it’s in the spring, summer, or fall.


The next consideration you want to make about your custom fire feature is shape. Traditional fire pits are circular and provide that campfire feel where everyone can huddle around and get equally close to the fire. The circular shape makes a great centerpiece for your patio and looks very natural when placed in a more natural setting. If your goal is achieving a look of classic comfort, a circular fire feature is a very popular choice.

Or square?

On the flip side, a rectangular fire feature is another popular choice that provides a more sleek and contemporary look. Fire features with straight lines and right angles look right at home on a patio with seating, plantings, and other decorations. Especially if your home and decor lean toward the modern or mid-century side of things, these kinds of fire features are a great choice.

Your outdoor hearth.

Are you ready to take your home outdoors this year? A custom fire feature is one of the best ways to do it. You and your family will love gathering around the warm glow of the fire and enjoying nature and each other’s company. If you would like to learn more about designing a custom fire feature for your backyard, get in touch with the outdoor experts at SunCo today.

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