Fall Is On Its Way!

Japanese Beetles Are Here!
July 28, 2016
Sprinkler Shut Down Time of Year
October 4, 2016

The heat wave came early this year and it is already starting to feel like Fall may be just around the corner.

Here are a few helpful tips for you to do this Fall that will help your yard in the Spring!

  1. In order for your grass to be as green and healthy as possible, our lawn care expert recommends a Fall Aeration and Overseeding.  This will help your grass get all the nutrients it needs, and by seeding before the end of September, your grass will have time to establish itself before the first freeze.
  2. With Fall comes school, sports and music lessons along with the falling of leaves.  It can be difficult to take care of your yard with a busy schedule, so let SunCo help get your leaves picked up, trees trimmed and plants cut back so that there can be a little less work in the Spring.
  3. Set up your sprinkler shut down.  We don’t want you to turn on your sprinklers next Spring and have cracked pipes due to freezing over the winter.  Having your system blown out in the Fall can ensure a much smoother start up come Spring.

Lighten your load this Fall and call SunCo to help you prepare your lawn for Spring!   402.553.5204

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