How to Make an Indoor Garden

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sprinklers, lawn care, fertilization, bug spray, landscaping, omaha
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Winter is a time where many crave the outdoors. Living in the midwest, our winters are frigid, and sometimes being inside 24/7 can be hard. Staying inside with your family or even by yourself can cause winter blues. By making an indoor garden, you can kick those blues and get busy with your green thumb. Whether you want a vegetable garden or maybe an herb garden, there is plenty to know. Here is a breakdown of the steps to make an indoor garden.

sprinklers, lawn care, fertilization, bug spray, landscaping, omaha

Pick out an ideal location

Dedicating a whole room to your garden is not easy. Think of a space in your home that would be ideal for this project. Consider the humidity, sunlight, traffic, and heat of this area. Keep in mind that any room that is too cool or too warm can be fixed. Find a space that could also benefit from this garden as well.

 Prep your space

There are 4 elements in your space that you should address before adding your garden.

  1. Flooring – Try to avoid wood or carpet when placing your indoor garden. When you start to water your plants this could harm the flooring. An ideal flooring would be ceramic, vinyl, or slate.
  2. Airflow Think of how your plants will breathe. If you place your garden in a room that has poor airflow your plants won’t do well. Don’t stress if you don’t have a room with great airflow. You can always add a ceiling or floor fan to help.
  3. Light – Indoor gardens need A LOT of light. If you think your room has enough light, think again, and invest in some fluorescent or broad-spectrum lights. Your garden will thank you later.
  4. Humidity – The perfect room will have enough humidity to keep your plants growing. Try to add a humidifier with a timer to increase the moisture in the room.

Pick your plants

After you have scoped your home for a great space, think of what you are working with. If you know your room doesn’t have maximum lighting, then search for plants that do well in low light areas. By researching plants beforehand, you will set yourself up for success.

Start watering

Indoor plants won’t go through water as quickly as outdoor plants, so be sure to water accordingly. Check your plants once a week to ensure their hydration is good.

Now that you have the foundation to start your indoor garden, we hope it can cure your winter blues. If you try this DIY project be sure to leave a comment on how it turned out. When spring rolls around, keep SunCo in mind for all your outdoor needs. Happy gardening!


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