Strong Hold Orphanage, Haiti

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September 25, 2015

Strong Hold Orphanage, Haiti

Strong Hold Orphanage, Haiti

Every year we get a note from Jarrod, a former Employee of SunCo, who takes a week out of his busy life to go to Haiti for mission work. He asks that we help him support the Haitian people, and we ask him how we can best do that. This year his response was to donate toward the women of Haiti. There are very few orphanages for girls in Haiti and that is what his group was going down to help with this year.

They have now opened an orphanage which is housing 10 girls, and are planning to build a second orphanage in November. We appreciate all the work that Jarrod and the Strong Tower Orphanage does for Haiti and will continue to support him in any way possible.

To learn more about the Strong Tower Orphanage and all the work they are doing for the people of Haiti please visit their website

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