The Perfect Fall Flowers for Your Yard

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July 29, 2019
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October 14, 2019

Did you know that autumn is the best time for growing your garden? There are plenty of plants to choose from to fill your fall beds with harvest colors and thriving blossoms. Below is a list of our favorite flowers to plant during fall. These plants flourish best during autumn and can give your home great curb appeal.


While pansies can’t tolerate the heat, they are made for withstanding the winter. Plant these flowers at the end of summer and they will bloom until hard frost. Pansies come in all kinds of warm colors that will fit in perfectly with the rest of your autumn garden bed.


These tassel-like flowers bring a fresh look to your garden that you may need. This particular flower is known for bringing an ‘“Autumn Touch”. Dried up or newly planted, these flowers are one of a kind.


This exotic flower will bring your garden all of the pinks, oranges, and yellows this season. Planting this flower in the autumn sun allows for the best growth. These flowers are also best grown when they are grouped together 6-12 inches apart.


The most cheerful flower out of the bunch will make your fall garden flashy. This pom pom-like flower brings gold and a delicate touch to your landscape bed. Signet marigolds are also a great choice for classic fall colors.


Not only do these flowers bring their pretty looks to your garden, but they are also used to repel rabbits and deer from munching on the rest of your landscape. These daisy-like flowers do best in the fall sun due to their need for rich, moist soil. 

Purple Flower Grass:

To fill in your garden bed, we recommend this plant. While this is not a flower, this plant still brings a fall accent to your yard. Its burgundy-purple foliage pairs great with other popular fall colors. The texture of the plant is also a plus for your garden this season.


This plant is ideal for autumn. Although its big leaves may take up some space in your garden, it can provide shade for the flowers that need a break from the sun during fall. This plant brings red, green, yellow and occasionally purple to your landscape.

Fall has many distinct planting benefits. Although there are many more plants than the 7 we named, each of them does best during autumn’s cooler air temperatures. The soil is still warm, allowing the roots of your garden to grow until the ground freezes up.

We hope we were able to help you pick some plants for your harvest garden this year. If you ever find yourself needing more help, SunCo is here for you. We would love to make your dream landscape become reality.

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