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sprinklers, lawn care, fertilization, bug spray, landscaping, omaha
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Now that mowing season is coming to a close, it is the time to put your mower to rest in good shape so it’s ready to do its job next year. Sadly, the snow will start blowing soon and you don’t want to wait until the first storm to find out your snowblower is broken and end up shoveling your driveway and walks. Bring in your small engines for tune-ups and/or repairs. Now you can count on the experts at SunCo to fix your small engines. What better company to handle your small engine service than a company that uses small equipment on a daily basis?

From tune-ups to maintenance and repairs, we’ve got you covered. We service all small engines, from small mowers to snow blowers and generators! Below are the details of each service we offer.

Tune-Ups and Repairs

If your machine has a broken part, needs a new spark plug, or is due for an air filter or oil change, we can do it for you. Schedule your appointment here.

Trimmers and handhelds: $50 + parts
Walk behinds up to 36″: $75 + parts
Zero-turn riders/tractors above 36”: $130 + parts
Single stage snow blowers: $50 + parts
2 stage snow blowers: $60 + parts


Finding out your generator has a problem is difficult, but fixing it shouldn’t be. Don’t wait until the next power outage to realize it’s not working. Schedule your appointment now.

Tune-ups: $75 + parts
Repair labor rate: $80 per hour
Same day repair labor rate: $110 per hour
Diagnostic fee: $45

Other Services

There are many small issues that you might not want to handle. We have included other issues we are great at fixing below. Don’t see something on this list? Reach out today!

Blade sharpening: $10 off the machine /$15 on the machine
Chainsaw sharpening: $10 off the machine /$15 on the machine
Pull recoil starter: $29.95 off the machine + parts /$49.95 on the machine + parts
Oil change: $12 (oil, oil filter, and shop supplies are extra)
Tire repair: $20 labor off the machine + parts /$30 labor on the machine + parts
Old tire disposal: $5 per tire


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