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Imagine a carefree lawn without swatting away mosquitos every two seconds. Imagine not discovering bites randomly. This summer, SunCo has you covered in all areas. We can now protect your outdoor spaces from pesky mosquitoes with our new 5-month mosquito barrier program.

Mosquito Facts

Mosquitoes are born in standing water, mud, ponds, tin cans, under decks, puddles, old tires, etc. Many are born each day in your area during infestations. Spraying poisons will kill adult mosquitoes present at that time, but since more are born each day, you must spray again. Ideally, a spray kills all mosquitoes present in an area and prevents the birth of new ones.

No-Chemical, No-Poison

Our mosquito barrier program is comprised of strong liquid garlic made from very potent garlic cloves, much more potent than the garlic found in grocery stores. The spray we will use to protect your lawn is:

  • Safe around children and pets
  • Doesn’t harm pollinators
  • 100% natural, non-toxic
  • Repels ticks, fleas, and gnats
  • Lasts for up to a month

Our mosquito barrier is a 5-month program that is applied during the following months: May, June, July, August, and September. The mosquito barrier kills mosquitoes in the treated area while chasing away ticks, fleas, and gnats. It coats the leaf surface of grass, ornamentals, and lower leaves of trees with the natural sulfur contained in garlic juice.

If there are mosquito larvae in standing water in the treatment area, they are suffocated by the spray which coats the water’s surface and prevents oxygen from reaching the larvae. Remember, the West Nile virus is still around and mosquitoes spread it!

Our mosquito barrier program starts at $49! If you are ready to take control of your lawn while letting go of the work, call the experts at SunCo today.

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