Landscaping: Why It’s Important

sprinklers, lawn care, fertilization, bug spray, landscaping, omaha
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July 23, 2021
sprinklers, lawn care, fertilization, bug spray, landscaping, omaha
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Landscaping: Why It’s Important

sprinklers, lawn care, fertilization, bug spray, landscaping, omaha

Landscaping is important for many factors—it has benefits for you and the environment, and provides an extension of your personality outside your home. SunCo offers a variety of landscaping services from lawn care and pest management to patios and water features. Keep reading to learn more about why you should invest in your home’s landscaping!

Landscaping is important for the earth

By using native flora, avoiding harsh fertilizers, and combating environmental problems, we can help keep our environment thriving. Landscaping can protect and promote the native ecosystem by using native plants. Good landscaping—plants and hardscaping—can prevent erosion and help with water management. Lawns and trees can help reduce the temperature in urban areas during the summer. Landscaping can also help purify contaminated soil and polluted air. Grass and leaves—especially trees—act like a filter to absorb harsh substances like smoke, ozone, nitrogen oxide, and more. At SunCo, we offer some eco-friendly options for your yard!

Landscaping is important for our health

Studies have consistently shown that nature is good for our mental health. Looking at plants can reduce stress and blood pressure, going for a walk in nature can improve attention and memory, and neighborhoods with landscaping have seen lowered healthcare costs and increased quality of life (Housley and Wolf). Surround yourself with landscaping—more green space can improve psychological health.

Landscaping is important for the economy

Good landscaping can improve curb appeal and add value to your home—an estimated 5–10% more. It can mean the difference between selling or not selling a property. Not only does landscaping attract new residents, but also investors and tourists. See our landscaping ideas to maximize your curb appeal! Your yard can even encourage your neighbors to improve theirs as well! Studies also show that well-maintained landscaping reduces crime rates in neighborhoods.

These are only a few of the reasons why landscaping is important. Take advantage of the benefits your yard and garden can provide with a little bit of investment! Contact our outdoor specialists for a free consultation, no matter what your landscaping needs are.


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