Greenspiration for Winter!

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October 14, 2019
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We know that winter can be a drag. You start to miss your garden and all of the green activities you did in the spring. We are right there with you. Below we have created a list of activities you can do this winter for some greenspiration.

House Plants

This might be a no brainer but our first greenspiration idea is to buy house plants. Buying multiple house plants has many benefits for your health over the winter. Mentally, house plants help you relax. By just looking at a house plant, you’ll experience a release of adrenaline. As a result, your energy levels will rise and the oxygen flow to your brain will increase, helping you relax. Did you know? House plants inspire creativity. The colorful leaves and flowers can inspire and energize their surroundings, including you!

Decorate Your Front Door

The second greenspiration tip we have for you is to decorate your front door with greenery. Since winter is usually covered in snow, the greenery can really brighten your mood when entering your home. By taking some garland and simply hanging it around your door frame, you can create a perfect entrance. If you don’t like the look of garland, you can’t go wrong with a wreath.

Buy Plants for Gifts

One of our favorite greenspiration ideas for the winter is to incorporate plants in your gift buying. Buying plants for your friends and family should be a tradition. A couple of the best plants to give as a gift are orchids or amaryllis. Gifting someone a plant for a housewarming gift is a great idea due to the positive energy it can bring. Another way to incorporate plants into your gift buying is to use it with your wrapping paper. Below are simple yet stunning ideas for your wrapping ideas this year.

Visit a Local Indoor Garden

Taking a break from the winter scene might be the best greenspiration tip we have. Check out some local indoor gardens that have displays for the holidays. Most indoor gardens are free and you could make a day trip out of it. Take advantage of these indoor gardens during the winter – the benefits are unreal. Learn more.

Donating to a Community Garden

Our last greenspiration idea for winter is to start donating to your community garden. Whether it is your time or items they may need, donations are always appreciated. Every year, the gardens have expenses. So by donating to your local garden, you are not only giving back to your community but also putting your green thumb to use.

Don’t let winter destroy your greenspiration. With these 5 activities, you will be greenspired until next spring. If you are wanting to be proactive about your green space for the spring, feel free to contact SunCo. We would love to help you.

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