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The Japanese Beetle is on the rises over the last 5 years. Mainly active for 2 months during the summer. One thing to notice is that most of the time these bugs are in the grub stage and only adults for a short period of time (Late-June to Mid-August).

The problem is the grubs are underground and impossible to notice. They eat the roots off of grass as food and kill sections of grass during late February to end of April. From June to August we have to worry about adult beetles in our trees as they do major damage. The females attract other males to mate and often they come in swarms. After they pillage your trees and plants they lay their eggs in the soil for the process to start all over again.

The best time to have SunCo treat your trees and shrubs is in the spring for the systemic method. If these bugs are infesting your trees you will want to notify us immediately. At SunCo we have trained inspectors that can identify the beetle and treat the infected plants to keep your trees and shrubs safe for the summer. We can also treat many other types of plant pests.

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Life cycle of the Japanese Beetle

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