Anti-Desiccant Treatments: Winter Care for Your Trees & Shrubs

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November 14, 2022
Winter Fun in Omaha
Winter Fun in Omaha
December 15, 2022

Anti-Desiccant Treatments: Winter Care for Your Trees & Shrubs

We oftentimes only think of spring and summer as the time to care for and water your evergreen foliage — leaving your plants forgotten and uncared for in the winter. However, the care for your plants should not end when the temperatures begin to drop. 

Your greens and trees are just as much at risk in the winter as they are in the summer. The best form of protection and care for your greens are anti-desiccant treatments

Use anti-desiccant treatments to protect your trees and shrubs. 

Broken down to its definition, desiccation occurs when moisture is removed from a substance. An anti-desiccant treatment help reverse the desiccation and prevents the loss of moisture from your trees and shrubs.

During the winter months, evergreen foliage enters its dormancy stage by removing or reducing water from within as they are not actively growing above ground. Although this dormancy stage can help your trees and shrubs from freezing, it can cause damage to the foliage, oftentimes seen as the browning of leaves and needles. 

Since we live in an area where winter weather is particularly harsh, consider using an anti-desiccant spray. While anti-desiccant sprays aren’t necessary for your lawn in Omaha, SunCo recommends anti-desiccants for your evergreens, conifers, and shrubs. These plants are especially at risk during the winter as water evaporates from their foliage faster than the roots can absorb it. Anti-desiccants create an impermeable film on trees and shrubs to help them retain water. Plus, these products are biodegradable so they’re safe for the environment too!

As snow and below-freezing temperatures have already hit the midwest, watering is not recommended. This paired with below-average rainfall, your greens and shrubs are at a loss for moisture. Anti-desiccant treatments are the best line of defense for maintaining thriving and green plants. 

Schedule an anti-desiccant treatment 

Giving your greens the necessary care in the winter will help you achieve healthy and green foliage this spring and summer — schedule an anti-desiccant treatment for your trees and shrubs today!

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