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Thanksgiving hedge people

We are feeling Grateful this Thanksgiving season! 

Thankful for a bit longer season with the warm weather we had this fall, thankful for the few days off work this week, but most of all we are thankful for you, our customers! 

We had our 25 year anniversary of SunCo this summer and with Thanksgiving here, we just wanted to thank you all for being a part of the journey!   Some of you are new this year and others of you have been with us for many years.   So thank you for trusting SunCo with your outdoor space! 

We want you to know that we are grateful for you and your loyalty year after year! 

So have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember all the things you have to be grateful for as this holiday season kicks off!  

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sprinkler 4-small

You have used your sprinkler system faithfully all summer long to keep your lawn in good condition and we don’t want you to have any problems when it’s time to start your system up again in the Spring. 

There are a few steps you can take this fall to ensure a working sprinkler system in the spring:


1. Set up your sprinkler shut down appointment.  If you are a current customer, you have received a post card with a few different date ranges.  Choose the one that best suits your schedule and give us a call, or visit our website to schedule:  http://suncolawns.com/scheduling-shutdown :

October 3 – 14

October 17 – 28

October 31 – November 11 

If you are not a current customer, give us a call and we can get you all signed up and ready to go.

2.  When you are done watering for the season and have your appointment set up with us, you can turn your water off inside.  Don’t know how to do that?  No worries, we have a video for that! http://suncolawns.com/residential/sprinklers.   Or if you aren’t comfortable or unable to turn your water off inside just make sure you can be home for your appointment and we can take care of it for you. 

3.  Finally, we come out and open all the valves and blow air through the sprinkler system with a large air compressor.  This makes sure that your system is clear of all water so that when temperatures drop below freezing your pipes and backflow are not damaged.

Easy as that!  So when you are jotting down your to-do list, make sure to add Sprinkler Shut Down to it.

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The heat wave came early this year and it is already starting to feel like Fall may be just around the corner.

Here are a few helpful tips for you to do this Fall that will help your yard in the Spring!

  1. In order for your grass to be as green and healthy as possible, our lawn care expert recommends a Fall Aeration and Overseeding.  This will help your grass get all the nutrients it needs, and by seeding before the end of September, your grass will have time to establish itself before the first freeze.
  2. With Fall comes school, sports and music lessons along with the falling of leaves.  It can be difficult to take care of your yard with a busy schedule, so let SunCo help get your leaves picked up, trees trimmed and plants cut back so that there can be a little less work in the Spring.
  3. Set up your sprinkler shut down.  We don’t want you to turn on your sprinklers next Spring and have cracked pipes due to freezing over the winter.  Having your system blown out in the Fall can ensure a much smoother start up come Spring.

Lighten your load this Fall and call SunCo to help you prepare your lawn for Spring!   402.553.5204


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Check your Leafy Plants...

Japanese Beetle on Hat 2016

Because Japanese Beetles are worse than ever this year…  If you haven’t seen one, be on the lookout - they are probably headed your

They feed on plants such as rose bushes, trees, and garden plants like basil. The leafy part is what they eat away at causing the plant to not photosynthesize and die.

Japanese Beetle 2016

They are about the size of a fingernail and have a green, blue & red iridescent color.

The best way we have found to get rid of them is with a two -step application spray applied 30 days apart. 

So don’t be fooled if you see just one of them and flick it away from your rose bush, there will be more on their way!

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Community Event at SunCo

We had the honor to be the host location for Teresa from Carson and Wealth this past month.  Each quarter they host an event for their customers featuring food, drinks and a learning experience!  This time around they came to us and asked if they could use our patio space.  And not to brag, but we think it turned out pretty nicely!

Marti Neely, a landscape designer, demonstrated how best to arrange potted plants, what kind of plants are best to use, and the best placement in the planters.  Mike, our landscape manager, walked them through the installation process of a paver patio.  Overall, it was a very educational evening!  We very much enjoyed having everyone out to SunCo to enjoy the patio and good company.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible! 

     June 1 Party 4sm  June 1 Party 6sm  June 1 Party 8sm  June 1 Party 11sm

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Rain Sun Rain Sun Rain Sun…shutterstock 99111170 72 resi

With all the rainy weather we are having this spring, you may feel like you can’t keep those weeds under control.   

No worries, we are here to help!  We have lots of options to help keep weeds away while the rain stays for a little longer; and keep your grass looking green even after the rain has stopped.

We suggest 3 things that can help you keep your yard looking splendid!

  1. Make sure you are fertilizing your lawn so it has all the proper nutrients. Where do you find someone to do that with your busy schedule?  Right here!   We have a 6 step program that you sign up for once and we take it from there.  It includes weed control!

  2. Have your sprinkler system turned on and ready to go, even if you think you may not need it right away.  It is best to have it started so when you do want to use it, it’s working and covering everything properly.  (Don’t worry, we do sprinkler activations too!)

  3. Rain sensors are a great help so you don’t have to worry about your lawn getting over watered during this rainy season.  Rain sensors will keep your system from running when it has had enough moisture from Mother Nature.

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holiday lighting 8.2It is only November but you may have already missed out on new Holiday Lighting. We already have had to turn away new customers. We don’t want you to keep missing out on the charm of a well-lit home for the holidays!

‘The sooner the better’, ‘The early bird gets the worm’ or in this case a customized holiday light display for your home! 

Distributors tend to run out of products early and so by the time you are ready to think holiday lights, they are out of many of the things you were hoping for to make your holiday sparkle.

So even though you aren’t quite ready to think about the holidays when it’s still warm out, we recommend you set up your free consultation with us as early as August or September so that you can get all the things on your wish list. 

Mark your calendars early next year to have your home be the one to inspire holiday envy in your neighborhood!


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Nebraska Medical Center Tree Planting for 1 Year Anniversary of Gwen's Liver Transplant 

NMC Tree Planting 1 small


Yesterday, September 24th, was a heartwarming day at the Nebraska Medical Center & for the Rohrig family.  It marked the 1 year anniversary of their daughter Gwen’s liver transplant at just 2 weeks old.  SunCo’s landscape maintenance team had the honor of being present to plant the tree to memorialize the anniversary.   A strong oak tree was intentionally chosen by Mandy, the mother, to grow big and strong just like Gwen!


           NMC Tree Planting 2 samll



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Strong Hold Orphanage, Haiti

Every year we get a note from Jarrod, a former Employee of SunCo, who takes a week out of his busy life to go to Haiti for mission work. He asks that we help him support the Haitian people, and we ask him how we can best do that. This year his response was to donate toward the women of Haiti. There are very few orphanages for girls in Haiti and that is what his group was going down to help with this year. Haiti Girls2

They have now opened an orphanage which is housing 10 girls, and are planning to build a second orphanage in November. We appreciate all the work that Jarrod and the Strong Tower Orphanage does for Haiti and will continue to support him in any way possible.


To learn more about the Strong Tower Orphanage and all the work they are doing for the people of Haiti please visit their website http://www.strongtowerorphanage.com/




Haiti Letter 1 Haiti 2

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Spring is here but there's still a bit of a chill in the air!

Spring is here, and that means we all want to run outside in our summer gear and bare feet.
One day that might be great, but not so much the next with the chill that comes and goes.
Nebraska spring can be unpredictable as we all know, but we have a great solution for you.
Want to be outside as much as possible but still stay warm? We can help with a new outdoor space! Our friendly landscape team creates custom paver patios with fire features, for those nights when you're just not ready to go inside but need to stay warm. We want your outdoor space to be just as beautiful and cozy as your indoor space - let's create outdoor envy in your space!




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Happy Arbor Day from SunCo!

Arbor Day is near and dear to the people of Nebraska, as we are the Arbor State. 


Here are some helpful tips from Mike at SunCo on planting a tree:

  • When planting a tree, you will want to start by overdigging your hole by about 6" in all directions to ensure that the soil is loose and its roots can grow. 
  • For Evergreen trees, the base of the trunk should be placed 3-5" above the original soil surface.
  • For Deciduous trees, the base should be planted with the trunk 1-2" above the original soil surface.
  • You can add root stimulator to the soil, though it's not required.
  • Be sure to water, water, water!



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